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Max & Iggor Cavalera, Warbringer, Healing Magic

Date: June 04, 2022
Time: 7:00PM
Location: The Forge - Joliet, IL
Event Type: Tour
Audience: All Ages
About The Artist

After doing it in South America in 2018 and Europe in 2019, Sepultura co-founders Max and Iggor Cavalera are finally bringing their tour of Sepultura material to the US this spring. The tour surrounds their previously announced appearance at Maryland Deathfest. Billed as the “Return: Beneath Arise” tour, the trek will find the brothers playing material from 1989’s Beneath the Remains and 1991’s Arise.

Max and Iggor co-founded Sepultura in 1984, with Max on lead vocals and guitar and Iggor on drums. Max left the band in 1996 after the release of Roots, and was replaced by Derrick Green, who remains Septultura’s vocalist to this day. Iggor remained with the band until 2006. Max and Iggor also played together in the ’90s side project Nailbomb, and after leaving Sepultura, Max formed Soulfly. After Iggor left Sepultura, he reunited with Max in the band Cavalera Conspiracy. In 2017, Max and Iggor did a tour performing Sepultura’s Roots.

***Stage Left is 2 rows of 4 seats ground level with high back chairs and food / drink rail for concessions. Though right next to the stage, this location may be semi obstructed from seeing the entire stage depending on tour production.***

***All reserved seatingis along the balcony ledge and is first come first serve within each section. Padded seat stools are used and there are no backs to them. Sections A and K are alongside the PA system that is hanging from the ceiling and has a semi obstructed view. General admission ticket holders will be standing directly behind this seating, there is no barrier separating reserved seating and general admission***

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and / or consume alcohol.
  • You must have a valid form of Federal or State ID as proof of age, NO TICKETS.
  • Fake ID’s will be confiscated and you will be escorted out with NO REFUNDS.
  • 18 and under must adhere to local curfew laws or be accompanied by someone 18+.
  • Ear plugs are suggested for all concerts.
  • No weapons, backpacks, umbrellas, strollers or outside food / beverage allowed.
  • No crowd surfing is allowed.
  • No In and Outs, all re-entry’s will need a new ticket purchase
  • No smoking inside the building of any kind.
  • No Photography or Video
  • EVERYONE that enters is required to wear a wristband if designated by security
  • No fighting or aggressive behavior will be tolerated
  • By entering, you acknowledge the rules above and agree to their terms. The Forge
  • has the right to refuse entry to anyone who cannot provide a valid ID, is intoxicated or appears to be under the influence.
  • Please be respectful of your surroundings and of others around you at all times.
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